Connected Robots: IoT in the Warehouse (Cloud Next '19)

Meet Chuck, the world’s leading collaborative robotics fulfillment solution by 6 River Systems, Inc. (6RS). Chuck helped enable warehouses across the country to fulfill 1M+ units in the days following Black Friday — making 6RS the first collaborative robotics fulfillment solution to achieve this milestone. In this session, you will learn how Chuck, Google Cloud IoT, and AI lead first-line-workers through task management to minimize risk and maximize efficiency. We’ll cover how to integrate your solution with existing warehouse management systems, where continued opportunities lie to further streamline and improve your business.

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Speaker(s): Paul Caponetti, Joseph Hughes, Christopher Cacioppo

Session ID: IOT204
product:BigQuery,Kubernetes Engine,Cloud IoT Core; fullname:Paul Caponetti;

Duration: 45:57
Publisher: Google Cloud
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