Connected Vehicles as Air Quality Sensors: Powered by BigQuery GIS (Cloud Next '19)

Air pollution costs the global economy $225 billion every year in lost labor income. Measuring air pollution from stationary instruments located miles apart is insufficient, as dangerous air pollution can be eight times higher from one end of a block to another, and living in the vicinity of elevated air pollution increases the risk of serious conditions such as asthma, heart disease, COPD, and ultimately, premature death. There is a better way. Geotab manages data and services for over 1.4 million connected vehicles and over 30 billion data points per day. Aclima is a leader in hyper-local environmental sensing and analytics, deploying both mobile and stationary sensor networks to gather billions of data points related to both human health and global climate change. Together, these two Google partners will tell the story of how they have partnered to leverage BigQuery, BigQuery GIS, and Google Cloud Platform to enable hyper local air quality sensing on municipal vehicles and deliver this insight to the community in real-time.

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Speaker(s): Mike Branch, Davida Herzl, Chad Jennings, Jon Walton

Session ID: DA215
product:BigQuery; fullname:Chad Jennings;

Duration: 43:9
Publisher: Google Cloud
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