Connecting Your Data Center to Cloud (Cloud Next '19)

In this session, you will learn how to connect to GCP with highly reliable and secure networking to support extending your data center networks into the cloud. We will cover details of resilient routing techniques, high availability solutions for IPsec VPN, access to Google API from on-premises networks, connection locations, designs for latency-sensitive applications, and partners that support connectivity to GCP — to support mission-critical network connectivity to your cloud workloads.

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Speaker(s): Nicolas De Cristofaro, Jeremy Johnson, Steve Olson, Alex Gontmakher

Session ID: NET204
product:Cloud Virtual Network,Cloud Interconnect,IPSec VPN; fullname:Nicolas De Cristofaro,Alex Gontmakher,John Veizades;

Duration: 00:36:20
Publisher: Google Cloud
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