Connectria Hosting Launches Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS)

managed-cloud-hosting-awsAWS provides many powerful features, but AWS cloud hosting environments could require a significant amount of expertise to implement and manage them. That’s why managed cloud hosting provider Connectria has announced the launch of its Managed Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Connectria’s Managed AWS would be a good fit for organizations looking to implement AWS, but don’t know where to start, as well as for organizations already using AWS but need help monitoring and managing their cloud hosting environment(s). In either case, Connectria provides the experience and 24/7 support customers need to successfully operate secure, reliable and cost-effective AWS cloud hosting solutions.”

AWS products

As an Amazon reselling partner, Connectria provides and supports a full complement of AWS cloud hosting products, including AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and AWS Simple Storage Service (S3), among others. Connectria’s experienced, AWS certified engineers will provide a host of AWS services including AWS architecture support, 24/7 AWS monitoring and tech support, AWS data backups, AWS security management, and AWS cost and performance optimization, among many other services.