Connectria Hosting Launches Managed Service For Microsoft Azure


Global cloud hosting services provider, Connectria Hosting, has announced the launch of its TRIA for Microsoft Azure – a “complete” managed service for Microsoft Azure. In concert with TRIA for Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) released in 2016, TRIA for Microsoft Azure would give Connectria and its customers a set of tools and services to speed “successful” cloud deployments worldwide across the two largest cloud providers.

connectria hostingWhile cloud usage is growing rapidly worldwide, organizations are finding it challenging to implement and manage their cloud deployments, says Connectria Hosting. TRIA for Microsoft Azure would solve these challenges.

Connectria’s TRIA for Microsoft Azure would be a comprehensive suite of services that helps organizations get the most out of their Azure environments. TRIA in Latin means ‘three,’ and TRIA for Microsoft Azure would solve the three biggest challenges customers face when running systems in Azure: Performance Management; Data Security; and Cost Optimization.

To meet these needs, TRIA for Microsoft Azure includes 24/7 Azure Performance Monitoring and Support, called NOCTRIA; 24/7 Azure Security Monitoring and Compliance, called SOCTRIA; and Azure Cost Optimization, called OPTRIA.

  • NOCTRIA‘s 24/7 monitoring services are delivered by Connectria’s Network Operations Center (NOC) to make sure an Azure environment is always up and running at peak performance.
  • SOCTRIA‘s 24/7 security services are delivered by Connectria’s Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure that applications and data are always protected.
  • OPTRIA‘s cost optimization services are delivered by Connectria’s Azure team of experts who monitor usage and costs on a monthly basis to make sure customers are getting the most out of their Azure environment.

“As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, Connectria has been supporting Microsoft customers for nearly 20 years, including Azure for the last 3 years as it became widely used,” noted Rich Waidmann, President and CEO of Connectria. “The introduction of TRIA for Microsoft Azure redefines and complements our services, while providing robust security and cost optimization that are required for cloud deployments.  Anyone who is contemplating a move to Azure or has moved to Azure should consider TRIA for Microsoft Azure.”

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