Connectria Launches Citrix Cloud Hosting Services For Rapid Citrix Deployments

Connectria Hosting, a global cloud hosting company, has announced the launch of its Citrix Cloud Services for rapid Citrix deployments. The new hosting service would allow customers to remotely run Windows applications within hours.

Connectria Citrix Cloud Services represents a hosting solution aimed at providing a highly available, pre-built Citrix XenApp environment that allows customers to quickly launch Citrix XenApp environments. The new hosting services package is backed by Connectria’s 24/7 security and support.

citrix cloud managementThe company states it has a 15-year track-record of successfully running large scale Citrix XenApp environments for thousands of users worldwide.

Connectria Citrix Cloud Services would be ideal for healthcare organizations subject to HIPAA compliance, or companies that require PCI compliance for credit card processing. Connectria has been a pioneer in HIPAA and PCI Compliant Hosting since 2007 and the Connectria Citrix Cloud Services framework can be coupled with Connectria’s comprehensive Managed Compliance Services and Support Plan.

“Many organizations have required Citrix solutions that could start small and launch quickly, but historically their options were limited,” said Rich Waidmann, President and CEO of Connectria. “The cost of a highly available Citrix environment was just too costly and time consuming for smaller deployments, until now. With Connectria Citrix Cloud Services, we’ve created an enterprise-grade solution that’s a perfect fit for smaller Citrix environments that need to be up and running quickly. And with our long background in enterprise Citrix deployments, customers have a straight-forward growth path to scale their Citrix environments if needed.”