Containerizing your Applications | Mirantis Labs – Tech Talks

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Welcome to Mirantis Labs Tech Talks, a new, hands-on tutorial series from Mirantis highlighting all things Cloud Native. In this installment, we’ll show beginners how to containerize a simple web application with frontend and backend services, and walk you through important considerations when moving apps to containers. This session is presented by Eric Gregory, Sr. Technical Writer at Mirantis & author of Learn Containers 5 Minutes at a Time.

0:00 – Introduction, objectives & prerequisites
2:48 – Defining terms related to containers
5:46 – Resources we’ll be demoing today
10:18 – Quick tour of the app
12:49 – Best practices
15:44 – Creating a volume & connecting it to a network
18:22 – Spinning up a MySQL container
20:25 – Evaluating the base image via DockerHub
21:33 – Running our MySQL container
28:46 – A word on environment variables
32:45 – Using a Dockerfile to build a custom image
35:42 – Conclusion & registration for next week’s session

Duration: 00:36:23
Publisher: Mirantis
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