Containership Announces Public Beta Release of Its Cloud and Edge Computing Platform, Overlaycloud

Containership, a provider of containers at scale across any cloud or server, founded in 2015 and backed by Draper Triangle Ventures, Birchmere Investments, and Riverfront Ventures, has unveiled the public beta release of Overlaycloud. The new service is currently still invite only, but interested parties can sign up to gain first access to the “low cost” cloud and edge computing platform beginning today. 

With the initial release of the product, the company is offering 4 different cloud instance types. Overlaycloud has partnered with several data centers to help monetize and take advantage of their unused computing power. The end result would be “top tier servers at bottom dollar pricing for the consumer, and availability zones in regions that the big cloud providers don’t currently operate in.”

“With the rise in popularity of Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality devices in our homes and workplaces, being able to process data close to the edge is becoming an important requirement for software companies,” said Phil Dougherty, CEO of Overlaycloud. “The Cloud is great for processing mountains of data but does not lend well to situations where extremely low latency connectivity is a hard requirement. With Overlaycloud, we are partnering with web hosting providers and data centers to help monetize their idle capacity, and provide extremely low-cost VPS style hosting in very unique regions around the globe.”