Continuous Security Solution for Cloud Announced by Spot by NetApp

Spot by NetApp

Spot Security is now generally available, according to NetApp, a multinational software business focused on data and the cloud. Designed for the cloud, Spot Security offers a solution for continuous evaluation and analysis of cloud security posture. Spot Security would make it simple for DevOps and SecOps teams to work together to find configuration errors, shrink their potential attack surface, and guarantee compliance.

The agentless technology from Spot Security examines the connections between cloud resources to offer clear visibility and prioritized actions, automatically determining each cloud resource’s potential exposure and surfacing critical security threats based on their potential impact on the organization. These automated processes would reduce alert fatigue, maintain the safety of cloud infrastructure, and boost the productivity of operations personnel.

“DevOps engineers are constantly asked to deliver solutions to a wide range of challenges that can impact the efficiency and operations of their business,” said Azzedine Benameur, Head of Spot Security for Spot by NetApp.Spot Security provides DevOps and SecOps a solution that meets the critical requirement to ensure the security of their dynamic cloud environment, further innovating the Spot by NetApp CloudOps suite of solutions that automate and optimize operations in the cloud.”

360° Visibility

With Spot Security, organizations can expect the following:

  • 360° Visibility – Network analysis, asset inventory, and cloud user activity are all accessible from the same interface with a clear understanding of security posture and attack surfaces thanks to graph visualization of risk maps and service maps.
  • Prioritized In-Depth Analytics – Continuous monitoring and analysis can instantly detect new dangers, unusual activity, or new cloud resources. This would allow DevOps teams to focus on clear goals while directing efforts toward genuine problems, eliminating false positives, and integrating security into cloud operations.
  • Automated Detection and Remediation – To effectively support the remediation of security and compliance concerns across multi-cloud infrastructure, find misconfigurations and anomalies.
  • Compliance – Support adherence to regulatory requirements and industry security standards, enabling firms to maintain compliance.