Continuous Security Testing in action

When you have a growing environment of complex web applications and IT systems, a one-off annual pen test isn’t enough. The likelihood that vulnerabilities will persist unfixed is high. Simply increasing the frequency and coverage of these point-in-time pentests without any context isn’t feasible, especially when your budgets are limited.

This is why we developed our Continuous Security Testing service. It exists to provide real-time, risk graded reporting on the assets and vulnerabilities across your organisation’s internal and external attack surface. Plugged into a proactive patching and remediation plan, and your entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), the insights generated through the service can be used to help narrow the window of risk between point-in-time strategic pentesting engagements.

See how Claranet Continuous Security Testing helped one global organisation with 11,000 employees, 80 web applications, and only a small IT team to secure them. Moving to Continuous Security Testing enabled the team to identify unknown assets and reduce the window of vulnerability, significantly improving their security posture.

Duration: 00:05:56
Publisher: Claranet
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