Corero Network Security Expands Its Product Family, Adds Real-Time Virtualized DDoS Protection

Corero Network Security, a provider of real-time DDoS defense technologies, has announced the availability of its SmartWall Network Threat Defense – Virtual Edition (vNTD). The new technology would enable greater flexibility for deploying automated DDoS mitigation at scale and speed.

dedicated servers quadranetThe company states that its SmartWall vNTD solution is a natural extension of the Corero family of automated DDoS protection solutions, enabling “seamless” deployment of high-performing, scalable, cost-effective protection across physical and virtual environments; on-premises or in the cloud.

Corero SmartWall vNTD, now available for KVM and vSphere platforms, would enable the flexibility to choose physical or virtual form-factors when deploying DDoS protection. It would also provide the scalability, agility and cost flexibility required to deliver DDoS protection for virtualized server infrastructures and SDN/NFV networks, enabling elastically scalable deployments, which can be based on demand for the applications and services being protected.

The expansion of Corero’s SmartWall portfolio with vNTD enables third-party products, including Firewalls, IPS solutions and other security infrastructure to be enhanced with real-time DDoS mitigation.

Key features of SmartWall vNTD would include:

  • High Performance, CPU efficient, protection with unified management
  • Mitigation deployed, in up to 10Gbps increments, at line-rate speeds
  • Protection scales to terabits per deployment
  • High performance per virtual CPU core
  • Mixed physical and virtual NTD deployments managed from single a console

“Corero is meeting the demand for real-time DDoS mitigation with an expansive portfolio of solutions for organizations looking to take control of the DDoS threat, eliminate attacks automatically and protect their network infrastructure to maintain service availability in the face DDoS attacks,” said Sean Newman, Director Product Management, Corero. “Corero continues to meet customer needs, including technology partners, who are working hard to protect their own customers from the impact of DDoS attacks. Through this process, the requirement for virtualized solutions to support SDN/NFV roll-outs and technology partner solutions has been defined. This addition to Corero’s portfolio underscores our leadership in delivering robust, automated DDoS protection to the market.”

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