Cox Business Launches Cloud Hosting-based Business Applications for U.S. Small Businesses

business-applications-coxCox Business, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, has announced the availability of its Essential Cloud across the United States. Essential Cloud is a suite of cloud hosting-based business applications that provides small businesses with solutions to increase operational efficiency and improve customer relationships.

Essential Cloud is designed to meet the needs of businesses in specific industry verticals. It recommends three “Basic Essentials,” which are solutions every business needs, and then tailors solutions by four primary verticals: real estate, restaurant, professional services, and personal services.

For example, Essential Cloud directs those in the professional services industry to a menu of options which includes email marketing, online appointment booking, proposal creation, and secure file sharing – solutions that almost any professional services company would need to run and grow.

Users can access their apps from anywhere, at any time, with cloud hosting-based continual backup. Essential Cloud also offers personalized service and live consultation to aid users in selecting the best apps for their unique business needs.

Payment processing

Essential Cloud also features PayLeap, a payments/merchant services platform, as its anchor business solution. Developed by Acculynk, a Cox Business partner, PayLeap provides small and medium-sized businesses with the ability to integrate in-store, online and mobile payment processing in one offering, thereby eliminating many of the steps and costs typically associated with card payment processing.

“Businesses are continuing to embrace the cloud to improve performance, while allowing them to remain customer-focused and revenue driven,” said Asheesh Saksena, executive vice president and chief strategy officer, Cox Communications. “With this as a backdrop, we developed Essential Cloud to include the very best applications to enable customers to run their small and medium businesses as efficiently as a large enterprise.”