cPanel: How to delete a file in File Manager

This video demonstrates how to remove or delete a file via the File Manager in cPanel.

FIrst, log into your cPanel interface.

Next, find the FIles category and click on the File Manager icon. It is best to keep the “Show hidden files” checkbox selected.

Using the left OR right hand panel, navigate to the folder you wish to work within if you are not already there.

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Once you are there, look to the right hand panel to find the file or folder you wish to delete and highlight that item.

You can then either hit the ”Delete” key on your keyboard, right click the file and select “Delete” from the menu options, or click on the “Delete” icon from the top menu bar.

A confirmation box will appear. If you are certain the information is correct, click on the “Delete Files(s)” button.

Your item will be deleted and then the File Manager will refresh to show that item has been removed.

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Duration: 3:38
Publisher: InMotion Hosting
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