cPanel: How to Modify MX Records

In this cPanel video, we demonstrate how to modify and create MX records within the cPanel.

Mx records are email specific DNS records. Because of this, they are not located within the DNS Zone editors of the cPanel. They have been separated into the Email category under the MX Entry tool. Click that tool icon to open up the MX record screen.

Here you can create and edit new MX records based on your needs. Note that MX records always point to a domain name, even though they work off of IP addresses. You will need to verify the IP addresses for the domain names using the DNS Zone editors.

MX records use a priority sequence based on the lowest number, so be sure to use Priority 0 as your main MX records. Additional records are there to be used in sequence should the primary record’s server fail.

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Duration: 5:37
Publisher: InMotion Hosting
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