cPanel: How to Move a File in File Manager

In this cPanel tutorial video, we demonstrate how to move files within the File Manager tool.

First, log into the cPanel interface.

Next, find the “Files” category and click on the “File Manager” icon. This brings you into the File Manager interface.

Locate the file(s) or folder(s) you wish to move and highlight them.

Right click to bring up the menu and select the “Move” option or click the “Move” icon located in the top toolbar.

A popup will appear where you can enter the destination. Add the folder name you want to place the file in.

If you are moving a single file, you can rename it by entering the new name after the destination folder. It is also good practice to enter the name even if you are not changing it.

Click the “Go” button and the file will move.

If you are moving a file up a level, you simply perform the same steps, but remove the appropriate folder name(s) from the location in the popup.

If you would like more information on how to edit a file, check out our article on the subject:

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Duration: 5:4
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