cPanel, a global provider of web hosting automation software, has announced the release of WP Toolkit for cPanel. The new cPanel solution is a feature-rich application. This tool would help provide user-friendly installation, configuration, security, and management of WordPress websites. 

Photo J. Nick Koston, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of cPanel
“The WordPress Toolkit really does check every box we had in mind,” said J. Nick Koston, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of cPanel.

WP Toolkit for cPanel exists as both a free version (Lite) and as a paid upgrade (Deluxe). The WordPress tool comes with functionality such as staging and cloning. This would save time and simplify the management of single or multiple WordPress installations.

“We set out to reinforce our alignment with, and investment in the global WordPress community,” said J. Nick Koston, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of cPanel. “We then developed this product as a long-term solution based on conversations with our Partners about the evolving needs of their customers. The Toolkit really does check every box we had in mind.”

WordPress Website Management

The WorldPress tool includes sheer amount of one-click features. From Smart Updates to automatic hardening which protects against security vulnerabilities, and the auto-installation of plugin and theme sets, WP Toolkit for cPanel allows for WordPress website management at scale.

The free Lite version can be accessed by upgrading to a supported cPanel version (86 LTS, 90, and 92). The feature-packed Deluxe version is available through cPanel Partners and the cPanel Store.

Based in Houston, Texas, cPanel employs over 260 team members. It delivers web hosting automation software platforms to customers in more than 70 countries. The company was established in 1997 by CTO J. Nick Koston and acquired by WebPros in 2019.

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