cPanel & WHM Now Bring Full Support for Ubuntu LTS in V102


cPanel, a WebPros portfolio company, is expanding its collaboration with Ubuntu to provide full support for Ubuntu LTS 20.04 with cPanel & WHM version 102. Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) refers to a version of the operating system that is supported and patched for at least five years by the developer.

CentOS 8 stated in the winter of 2020 that it will be phased down in December of 2021. In the open-source and web hosting communities, this revelation came as a surprise. As a result, cPanel has been working on solutions that will assist its partners and clients.

“Ubuntu is a solid Linux Distribution with a great track record of security and innovation,” said Aila Power, Vice President of Product Development at cPanel. “I’m really excited that cPanel & WHM are now available on this distro that is the first choice for many when they build a new application.”

Linux Distribution

“Ubuntu has long been the platform of choice for large scale compute estates,” said Mark Lewis, Vice President of Application Services, at Canonical | Ubuntu. “Canonical are delighted to partner with cPanel to mitigate the impact on long term stability and predictability brought about by the changes to CentOS.”

Every two years, Canonical publishes a new LTS version, which receives hundreds of security fixes during its lifespan, making Ubuntu LTS predictable, stable, and safe. Ubuntu is comparable to CentOS in many ways, however there are a few key distinctions that benefit certain circumstances. Ubuntu may be a favored Linux distribution for development or application hosting that uses more recent technologies, for example. Servers with a single user may also profit.