cPanel & WHM Version 66 Released with WordPress Manager Plugin

cPanel, the provider of web hosting automation software, has announced the release of cPanel & WHM version 66. The new features in version 66 include a WordPress Manager Plugin; a new Application Manager for Ruby applications; and the ability to now host Incremental Backups remotely.

cpanel cp1con“As cPanel & WHM Version 66 completes its rollout, we will see nearly 80 percent adoption,” said Ken Power, Vice President of Product Development at cPanel. “Interested parties can take a look at the feature highlights on the cPanel & WHM Version 66 Release Site, and read the full Version 66 release notes on the cPanel Documentation site.”

Next to the launch of its WordPress Manager Plugin and other new features, cPanel has also improved EasyApache 4 profile management and added a number of new PHP modules for EasyApache 4. They’ve increased cPanel user’s control over AutoSSL, and improved usability for both Web Disk and File Manager. WHM would now be more mobile friendly, and users can be notified of potentially abusive email users.

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