has announced the launch of CrateDB Edge, a purpose-built database optimized for machine data use cases.’s CrateDB Edge database is a new solution to analyze and capture data at the source, no matter the location or the internet accessibility. CrateDB Edge provides the ability to manage database-as-a-service at edge locations for the first time with CrateDB Cloud.

A purpose-built option with unique characteristics and the ability to handle high-volume, high-scalability machine data cases, CrateDB can now be deployed and managed through the same database management as the cloud service.

What Does CrateDB Edge Provide? 

CrateDB Edge has been created to provide several things including complete data privacy and ownership. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure and provides real-time analytics on the edge. It doesn’t matter if you’re running CrateDB with AWS or Azure, it can be integrated and doesn’t require a continuous internet connection for cluster operation.

CrateDB Edge also allows for cross-cluster asynchronous sync. It has the ability to provide customers with several benefits as the next generation of database technology for CrateDB Edge can even enable digitalization initiatives at scale giving enterprises even more benefits.

It’s possible for a large company with huge amounts of machine data in different locations to create a local cluster for each of their location. This provides more freedom when utilizing the CrateDB database on the edge and within the cloud.

All of these features are provided along with the data ownership flexibility and with the expertise when it comes to optimizing and managing CrateDB for machine data. It’s possible the new cloud-managed CrateDB Edge will be a solution many organizations will be interested in using.

Currently, is already allowing new CrateDB users and existing users to join the program for early adoption of CrateDB Edge. This pilot program can be implemented with Azure Lighthouse cloud and edge.


The developer behind CrateDB, offers a scalable distributed open-source database solution coupling the power of standard SQL with the performance of NoSQL. It’’s designed for machine data applications and IIoT. CrateDB runs in the cloud on AWS and Azure. It also runs on the edge and on-premise. was originally founded in 2013 and provides operations from several locations across the cloud including Austria, the United States, Switzerland, and Germany. They also operate remotely all across the world.

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