Create an Offline-first App with Amplify DataStore and GraphQL: A Tutorial Using AWS Amplify and Vue

This video will demonstrate how to create an offline-first app using AWS Amplify and Vue. You will create a chatroom Progressive Web App that stores data on device while offline and when online synchronising in real-time with other devices using Amplify DataStore, GraphQL and Amazon DynamoDB. This tutorial will cover how to create an authentication flow and how to exchange messages between users in real-time with a seamless offline experience using Progressive Web Apps.

Amplify DataStore is an on device persistent repository for interacting with local data and able to automatically synchronize via GraphQL. Using Amplify DataStore will allow us to implement offline-first using a simple programming model. AWS Amplify is a set of tools and services that enables mobile and front-end web developers to build secure, scalable full stack applications, powered by AWS. With Amplify, it’s easy to create custom onboarding flows, develop voice-enabled experiences, build AI-powered real-time feeds, launch targeted campaigns, and more.

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Duration: 00:38:36
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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