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With MyWebsite you can build your own professional-looking website in no time.
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In this video, we compare the designs and features of our two website builders MyWebsite Now and MyWebsite Creator, and provide examples of which builder is best suited to the type of website you want to build.
—MyWebsite Now: Get online quickly—
MyWebsite Now is our easiest website builder, perfect for beginners and anyone looking to get online quickly.
Select a suitable design and then just add your own content. The editor includes intuitively matched templates and images for a wide range of industries, like trades, photography and hospitality.
—MyWebsite Creator: Full flexibility—
If you’re looking for more creative freedom, then MyWebsite Creator is the builder for you.
Create dynamic websites with video backgrounds, animations, parallax scrolling, personalization and professional image galleries. An online store or blog can be easily added at any time.
00:00 – Intro
00:09 – Website designs
00:25 – Shared features
00:42 – MyWebsite Now: Get online quickly
00:53 – Using the MyWebsite Now editor
01:27 – MyWebsite Creator: Full flexibility
01:58 – Dynamic, interactive and personalized websites
02:23 – More than a website: Individual support, plus your own domain and email address are all included
02:34 – Online success begins with your website

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