Creating a successful API program: Gateway vs API Management

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In this video, Google’s Irfan Baqui discusses how to have a well thought strategy driving your API program. In this session, he will explore:

– How APIs fit into your company’s architecture and the various approaches you can take to build your API program
– Security as a core component of any API strategy
– How to look beyond the API gateway and really think about API management as a whole to drive success with your APIs

0:00 – Intro
2:17 – What do successful API programs look like?
9:01 – Different Approaches to Building an API program?
14:18 – Security as a core component of your API strategy
18:46 – API Gateway vs. API Management

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Product: Apigee; fullname: Irfan Baqui;

Duration: 00:21:40
Publisher: Google Cloud
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