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Cryptolocker is a ransomware virus that’s been around for a while, but the reason that the most recent attack was big news is that this time it was being delivered to computers by the botnet Gameover Zeus.

Gameover Zeus is a type of malicious software that lures you to a global network of compromised computers. It tells the computers within the botnet to reach out to each other, and then send stolen information back to the criminals.

It then downloads the information, decrypts it, and searches for bank account passwords and other private data. If it comes up empty, it may bring in Cryptolocker.

Cryptolocker encrypts your files, freezing them unless you pay a ransom to have them decrypted; which is currently about one Bitcoin (£200 to £300) in the UK.

The Justice Department is calling it one of the most sophisticated cyber threats ever.

To protect yourself, the most important thing is be vigilant, stay up to date with current scams, and use common sense.

Also regularly update your operating system and security software.

Be wary of unfamiliar/unsolicited/dodgy looking links in emails.

Back up important data onto unconnected storage (external hard drives etc.)

If you’re a business, check your incident response and resilience protocols i.e. make sure your system is secure and that you’re able to respond quickly to the threat.

If you have fallen victim to Cryptolocker it is now possible to decrypt your data without having to pay a ransom. will check a file and provide a decryption key for free.

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