Crystal Group Introduces Next-Gen PCIe Gen4 GPU-ready Servers

Crystal Group has announced a new series of next-gen Crystal Group FORCE (FG2) PCIe Gen4-enabled rugged servers. The FG2 servers are designed for optimal performance in highly unpredictable and remote environments.

These new servers would also deliver an ultra-low latency along with parallel processing in order to maximize the real-time accuracy and speed of demanding computational workloads. Workloads may consist of communications, sensor fusion, intelligence, and unmanned systems.

Talking about the Crystal Group, it is a real specialist in rugged computer hardware including the manufacture and design of commercial and custom rugged servers, networking devices, embedded computing, data storage, displays for high reliability in harsh environments.

AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

Photo Jim Shaw, executive vice president of Engineering for Crystal Group
“By combining PCIe Gen4-equipped motherboards with multiple NVIDIA GPUs in a single server, these GPU-ready servers elevate the real-time capabilities and accuracy of edge AI/ML,” said Jim Shaw, executive vice president of Engineering for Crystal Group.

The recently launched 3rd generation Intel Xeon scalable processors offer built-in artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration with Intel Deep Learning boost, enabling the FG2 motherboards to support either double or single-socket P+ CPUs. The processors by Intel have been codenamed Ice Lake. The brand-new architecture boosts the memory bandwidth and the core-per-watt capability of the system up to eight 3200MHz DDR4 channels.

Two new GPU-ready servers designed for enabling Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have also been added to the FG2 family. These two variants include a 3U equipped with two NVIDIA Tensor Core A100 GPUs and a 2U with four NVIDIA Tensor Core T4s. These servers have options to right-size the hardware to a specific AI/ML application based on the customer’s needs. A 1U version of the same is also in the works.

Executive Vice President of Engineering for Crystal Group, Jim Shaw, said that by combining the PCIe Gen4-equipped motherboards with multiple NVIDIA GPUs in a single server, the resultant servers will boost the real time capabilities and the accuracy of edge AI/ML. He further said that the unique chassis designs address the significant heat and thermal challenges generated from the inclusion of high compute power in a single unit. Crystal Group created the first rugged server that was designed specifically to meet the demands of forward-deployed, austere environments in the year 2006.

3rd Gen Intel Xeon Cybersecurity Features

Mr. Shaw concluded his statement by saying that the need and opportunities to move heavy compute applications from data centers to the front lines are continuously growing, Crystal group is focusing on its expertise to redefine the latest high-performance rugged compute solutions with an unparalleled level of ruggedization, speed, power, customization, and accuracy so that it can meet the evolving needs of industrial customers and government.

In addition to the increased core count, performance, and speed of the Crystal Group FG2 footprint, these GPU-ready servers also have enhanced storage and memory capacity. Moreover, they also have 3rd Gen Intel Xeon chipset cybersecurity features like total memory encryption, software guard extensions (SGX), and advanced encryption standard (AES).