CSPStorage: Seamless Data Management for Kubernetes (Cloud Next '19)

Enterprise-class stateful workloads require advanced storage management support. In this session we will be discussing new storage management facilities for CSP that extend GKE data management capabilities and provide integration with GCP & storage partners.

Below are a few use cases that will be addressed during the talk:

– Application-consistent snapshots with partner storage integration, stored locally or in Google Cloud Storage

– Rehydrating a stateful application instance from a backup stored in Google Cloud Storage to a GKE cluster (in cloud or on-prem)

Seamless Data Management for Kubernetes → http://bit.ly/2K68m9z

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Speaker(s): Manu Batra, Partha Seetala, Oleksiy Stashok

Session ID: HYB313
product:GCP Marketplace (Kubernetes Applications),Cloud Storage; fullname:Manu Batra,Oleksiy Stashok;

Duration: 47:19
Publisher: Google Cloud
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