CTERA Introduces “Zero-Minute” Disaster Recovery for Remote Office File Servers

CTERA Networks has announced a disaster recovery functionality for its cloud storage gateways that would enable distributed enterprises to instantly and securely resolve local storage outages and ensure uninterrupted office operations and user productivity.

CTERA cloud storage gateways are physical or virtual all-in-one remote office storage appliances with built-in cloud failover, hybrid backup and file sync and share acceleration. CTERA doubled its subscription sales in 2016 versus 2015, while reaching 35,000 business customers and over 40,000 cloud storage gateways sold.

ctera networksIT administrators can now set CTERA gateways for continuous cloud synchronization of file system structures and permissions, and at any given time redirect users to secure direct-to-cloud access. This seamless cloud failover would allow administrators to avoid the complexities associated with managing redundant storage devices and realize cost savings of up to 80 percent.

The new capability is made available as part of a new release of CTERA’s patented cloud file system, extending Windows ACLs (Access Control Lists) from the office to the cloud, across any choice of file servers, mobile clients, and physical or virtual desktops. It would also provide a simple transformation path for organizations seeking to modernize branch infrastructure, allowing “easy” migration of file shares and user access permissions from legacy servers to the cloud.

“CTERA made it simple for us to migrate from our legacy Windows File Server infrastructure and enable an ‘always-on’ file access and disaster recovery strategy across our global offices,” said Adam Chua, AVP, The Carlyle Group. “CTERA cloud storage gateways maintain the same file shares and access permissions of our legacy office environments while providing automated disaster recovery and secure and modern user productivity tools. CTERA allows our IT Operations team to focus more on delivering products and services that align with business strategy and enhance the user experience.”

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