CTERA’s Cloud Server Data Protection Platform Now Available On-Demand on AWS Marketplace

CTERA Networks’ Cloud Server Data Protection Platform is now available on-demand on AWS Marketplace, allowing enterprises to “quickly and easily” deploy a fully automated file-level backup and recovery solution for cloud-based servers and applications.

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection allows organizations to back up any number of Windows and Linux Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances hosted on AWS Cloud, and to use AWS as a backup target for applications running on any cloud or object storage-based solution.

ctera networksThe solution addresses the evolving architectural and operational considerations for protecting cloud-based data with a wide range of APIs to enable in-cloud backup and file-level and application backup. With new support for AWS CloudFormation deployment templates, CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection would enable AWS Marketplace customers to be up and running in just five clicks, alleviating the pain of deploying complex traditional data center backup solutions to protect cloud instances.

CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection would provide enterprises with full flexibility and control of their data and data security, globally deduplicating and compressing backups at the source for efficient, network-optimized data protection in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), across AWS Availability Zones, and even across cloud providers. CTERA’s WAN-optimized backup agents enable enterprises to leverage AWS as a cross-cloud backup target for application data hosted on any cloud infrastructure.

“As enterprise organizations increasingly migrate their businesses to take advantage of the agility and flexibility benefits of the AWS Cloud, they aim to maintain a high degree of file-level data protection and high-speed recovery strategies,” said Barry Russell, GM, Global Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Catalog Services, Amazon Web Services. “This listing on AWS Marketplace makes it easier for customers to use CTERA Cloud Server Data Protection to granularly protect their enterprise applications in the cloud – all with frictionless procurement, fast deployment and straightforward unified billing.”

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