Ctrl+F5 Ahmedabad, 2017 – Boost the performance of WordPress websites by By Pratik Jagdishwala

Is your WordPress website too slow? Do you constantly fear security threats to your website? At Ctrl+f5 Ahmedbad 2017, Product Manager Pratik Jagdishwala delves into the issues encountered by WordPress developers and designers on different kinds of hosting packages to ensure limits are not breached with your hosting provider and how to get the best performance for your website without overspending on infrastructure.
He speaks of various issues regarding WordPress-powered websites because ultimately, around 80% of Content Management Systems on servers are WordPress. WordPress is the de-facto choice for web professionals. Since WordPress is so commonly used, he stated that problems such as malware, vulnerabilities, bad practices and unsecured plugins could pst to be a threat.
So what are the solutions to make your website safer & faster?
Analyse your website – Use Firebug (Mozilla), Yslow, page speed etc. to test your speed
Update your WordPress plugins to their latest versions
Disable unnecessary plugins
Limit web crawlers and bots
Use JPG instead of PNG, especially image compressors
Keep the number of elements on your website not more than 30 to 50
Keep your page size less than 500KB for an excellent load speed, 1MB for a medium load speed
CDNs can help your websites load faster, but then again they can slow your websites depending on how you use it.
And much more solutions shared in this video.

Duration: 42:37
Publisher: ResellerClub
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