Custom Connect Unveils New Monitoring System for Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures, CC Insight

Custom Connect, an independent carrier neutral connectivity provider with offices in Amsterdam, London and Dubai, has launched its new monitoring system for hybrid cloud infrastructures. The new monitoring system, CC Insight, would give global enterprises, CSPs, and MSPs comprehensive insight into the efficiency of their networks including switches, cables, routers, and repeaters, but also into the applications depending on it.

To provide these “mission-critical” insights, Custom Connect has partnered with another Netherlands-based company, NetDialog to utilize their NetX platform. The “up-to-the-minute, easy-to-understand” analytical information would give global enterprises intelligent visibility and control of performance, user experience, delivery of applications in IT infrastructures, as well as WAN performance.

rutger bevaart custom connect
“With CC Insight, we have now added a high degree of cloud-based intelligence to our connectivity solutions, giving our customers more control over their IT infrastructures,” said Rutger Bevaart.

Custom Connect utilizes the NetDialog technology to provide real-time monitoring and pinpoint where the bottlenecks are – on the enterprise network layer but also on their connectivity infrastructure that connects them with cloud services providers such as Salesforce, Office 365, and SAP.

“Optimizing and managing application performance used to be a complex issue involving all layers of the IT organization,” said Rutger Bevaart, CTO of Custom Connect CTO. “Using innovative technologies that provide full network and application visibility in a carrier-neutral managed connectivity model is breaking down these performance barriers. With CC Insight, we have now added a high degree of cloud-based intelligence to our solutions, giving our customers more control over their IT infrastructures.”

As a carrier neutral connectivity provider with 1,500 carriers in its database, Custom Connect is offering their communication solutions globally – connecting offices, branches, data centers, clouds, and customers. The company has a strong presence in various financial markets (which still represents almost half of their revenues) where low-latency requirements are a key priority. Custom Connect’s customer base now includes Apple, Google, Mc Kinsey, Calvin Klein, Fujitsu, and a broad portfolio of banks.

NetDialog delivers its NEtX technology as a SaaS solution, providing WAN monitoring to more than 250 clients in 125 countries. Initially established as a company delivering its services directly to enterprises, soon they changed their business model to an indirect channel based model with partners which now includes Custom Connect. Vendor-agnostic, new technologies are added on-going to NetDialog’s NEtX monitoring technology. This now includes Cisco, Juniper, Riverbed, Palo Alto, BlueCoat, and more.

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