C&W Business Launches Software Defined Data Center Solution for Caribbean and Latin American Region

C&W Business, a division of Cable & Wireless Communications (LSE: CWC), has announced the launch of a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solution that allows customers to use Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) from any one of the company’s data centers. This technology provides customers the opportunity to be in complete control of their IT Infrastructure from any one device or location across the Caribbean and Latin American region.

C&W Business has leveraged the technology by designing Virtual Data Centers (VDC), a flexible pool of virtual resources of RAM, CPU and Storage, that would allow customers to utilize and create and re-create their production, disaster recovery, test, quality assurance, development environments and several other uses they may need to run an efficient and cost effective operation.

The C&W Business SCCD solution is now fully available with several enterprises and government institutions actively benefiting from its features already in Colombia, Panama, Central America and the Caribbean.

Panama, Curaçao, Cayman Islands

Customers can purchase 150GB of RAM out of C&W Business’ Curaçao data center for their Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. Photo: Grote Knip beach in Curaçao.

The company’s SDDC would afford both customer flexibility and scalability in a virtual environment making it easy and inexpensive to configure and control their multiple environments.

For example, customers purchasing 400GB of RAM and associated CPU and storage can consume 50GB of RAM from the Cayman Islands data center for a test site, 200GB out of the Panama data center for their production site, and 150GB of RAM out of the Curaçao data center for their Disaster Recovery (DR) environment. Therefore customers can continue running their day-to-day operations while ensuring important applications and data are backed up in separate environments.

C&W Business has invested heavily in offering its customers this “innovative” Infrastructure as-a-Service (IaaS) platform running on seven data centers that are connected to C&W’s redundant network infrastructure, which spans across 48,000 km across 42 countries. Also, C&W Business employs highly certified staff to provide 24×7 proactive monitoring of its SDDC solution through the Company’s NOCs (Network Operation Centers), SOCs (Security Operation Centers) and data centers.

With this SCCD platform, C&W Business would be able to provide a true hybrid IT solution in the region. Regardless of where clients’ servers are physically located, whether on their own premise, in C&W data centers, or in the cloud, IBM AIX, IBM i/OS (AS/400), Windows, Linux, and many other different platforms would be seamlessly integrated and available to be consumed ‘as a service’.

Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) has more than 7,300 employees serving 6.4 million customers (Mobile 4.1m; Fixed Line 1.1m; Video 470k and Broadband 690k) across 42 countries. The Group’s leading brands include; LIME and Flow in the Caribbean; BTC in The Bahamas; Mas Movil in Panama; C&W Business and C&W Networks.

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