Cyber Security Cloud, a provider of web application security services worldwide, has signed an agency agreement for the AWS WAF automation service ‘WafCharm’ in the United States with Serverworks – a cloud integrator with a leading track record of introducing AWS in Japan.

‘WafCharm’ provided by Cyber Security Cloud is a service for automation of AWS WAF operations using AI. It is equipped with an AI engine ‘WRAO’ (Patent No. 6375047) that automatically selects the most optimal WAF rules for each user using machine learning, based on over a trillion rows of Big Data. It is available to over a million AWS users in 190 countries.

In September 2018, Japanese company Cyber Security Cloud established a subsidiary in Seattle, WA, as a strategic base for overseas expansion, developing cybersecurity services centered on WafCharm, with the aim of strengthening sales in the North American region.

In order to further strengthen overseas business development, Cyber Security Cloud has now entered into a sales agency agreement in the U.S. with Serverworks, a cloud integrator from Japan with a leading track record of introducing AWS in Japan. The company has been expanding its services in California.

Business Expansion Overseas

Cyber Security Cloud and ServerWorks have already concluded a distributor agreement in Japan since October 2018. With the existing track record and the “promising” performance of WafCharm overseas, this new agreement was concluded.

“With this agreement as a foothold, we are looking forward to continue to promote further business expansion of the two companies in the United States,” said Hikaru Ohno, President and CEO of Cyber Security Cloud.

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