Cyber Security Cloud Releases New Version of Its Cloud-based WAF

Cyber Security Cloud, a company providing web application security services worldwide using cyber threat intelligence and AI technology, has released a new version its cloud-based WAF solution, Shadankun. WAF Shadankun’s new DDoS security-type unlimited website plan would enable it to respond to larger scale DDoS attacks and is enhanced with a variety of new features.

In order to counter the growing threat of DDoS attacks, Cyber Security Cloud has updated the anti-DDoS system of their ‘Shadankun’ DDoS security-type unlimited website plan. It enables companies with many websites and group companies to provide DDoS attack countermeasures and WAF countermeasures for a fixed price without limiting the number of websites. This would make it possible to respond to DDoS attacks on a much larger scale than ever before.

In addition, Cyber Security Cloud has added the following five new features to improve the usability of the service.

  • Dedicated DDoS security type management screen
    A dedicated management screen that allows users to view the detection status of DoS/DDoS attacks and view/modify various settings.
  • Ability to change learning mode and defense mode
    Users can change the mode to learn the threshold or protect against DoS/DDoS attacks, depending on the operational situation. Also, if a false-positive occurs after starting to operate in defense mode, it is possible to avoid it by switching to learning mode.
  • Whitelist function
    With the anti-DDoS function, users can predefine which IP addresses they do not want to be detected.
  • Defense notification Email function
    A notification function that detects DoS/DDoS attacks and notifies you by email when the defense begins and ends.
  • Monthly Report (under development)
    Provision of monthly DoS/DDoS attack status reports as a standard feature.

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