Cyberport Selects Juniper Networks Contrail to Drive SDN Within Its ‘Community Cloud’

juniper-networks-contrailCyberport, a Hong Kong-based provider of cloud hosting services, will deploy Juniper Networks Contrail as the virtual network solution for its Cyberport Community Cloud. Juniper Networks Contrail is expected to provide Cyberport a simple way to connect physical networks with a virtual environment and provision underlying services. 

The Cyberport Community Cloud is designed to give ICT start-ups in the Asia-Pacific region hands-on experience with a state-of-the-art cloud hosting environment and serve as a gateway to public cloud services.

OpenStack cloud orchestration

To grow top line revenue and control cost, Cyberport was looking to migrate from traditional data center architecture to a more flexible and agile cloud hosting infrastructure. They have been testing and piloting a cloud computing environment, based on the OpenStack cloud orchestration system for its community start-up companies since 2010 and was one of Juniper’s global customers to be involved in Juniper Networks Contrail solution trials.

Cyberport will now deploy a Juniper Networks MX80 3D Universal Edge Router for network bandwidth and IP provisioning. Cyberport will also leverage Contrail’s open standard protocols to orchestrate on-the-fly configuration changes across its data center switching and routing infrastructure to establish virtual networks that dynamically support operations in the community cloud.

Benefits of deploying Juniper Networks Contrail:

  • It will enable Cyberport to offer network-as-a-service within its community cloud. The introduction of a self-service portal enables Cyberport customers to subscribe and self-provision compute, storage, network assets and enjoy bandwidth on-demand.
  • With Contrail, Cyberport will be able to create new services and monetization opportunities through increased automation and higher utilization of existing infrastructure without adding headcount to the team.
  • It will enable Cyberport to support the federation of its community cloud with public cloud hosting environments, increasing the speed of business and service innovation for its start-up customers by making the network more dynamic, flexible and automated.
  • The combination of Contrail and MX Universal SDN Gateway platform provides a solution that would eliminate the risk of Cyberport becoming subject to vendor lock-in.