Cybersecurity Company Red Sift Expands into Australia

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UK headquartered cybersecurity company, Red Sift, has expanded into Australia by opening an office in Sydney, Australia, and establishing a regional sales team. Founded in 2015, Red Sift is a cybersecurity firm with global operations aiming to make critical cybersecurity technologies accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Red Sift’s expansion into Australia comes in response to rising demand for DMARC solutions that are simple to set up, stated the company. One of the simplest and easiest ways to avoid email spoofing would be to use Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC). To avoid phishing attempts, the Australian government has advised that businesses adopt DMARC.

Red Sift Open Cloud is a data analysis tool designed specifically for cybersecurity issues. For company-wide email threat intelligence, Red Sift’s OnDMARC and OnINBOX solutions work together to stop outbound phishing attempts and assess the security of inbound communications.

United States Expansion

In the United States, Red Sift last year has quadrupled its staff headcount under the guidance of an enlarged leadership team, established significant collaborations, gained new clients, and earned notable industry accolades. These victories are now being used to secure the company’s success in Australia.

Red Sift provides a purpose-built set of cybersecurity tools that aim to prevent outbound phishing attempts, assess the security of inbound communication for company-wide email risks, and monitor and protect sensitive client data.

The company’s rapid expansion would reflect the significant market demand for these solutions, as well as acknowledgment of Red Sift’s ability to develop and deploy a “world-class” cybersecurity solution package.