Cybersecurity Company SentinelOne Buys Scalyr for $155M


Autonomous cybersecurity platform company, SentinelOne, has acquired Scalyr – a cloud-native, cloud-scale data analytics platform. Through this acquisition, SentinelOne will be able to ingest, correlate, search, and action data from any source.

Under the terms of the agreement, SentinelOne is acquiring Scalyr for $155 million in equity and cash. Through this acquisition, SentinelOne would help solve one of the biggest challenges in delivering a fully integrated XDR platform: ingesting and actioning all operational data in real-time from a security-first perspective.

Born in the cloud, Scalyr’s SaaS platform would unlock the full promise of XDR. By eliminating data schema requirements from the ingestion process and index limitations from querying, Scalyr can ingest massive amounts of machine and application data in real-time. It would enable organizations to analyze, query, and action data with the highest speeds and cost-effectiveness.

This provides SentinelOne customers with autonomous, real-time, and index-free threat analysis and mitigation beyond the endpoint – across the entire enterprise and cloud attack surface.

“Through our acquisition of Scalyr, SentinelOne is solving one of the industry’s biggest data challenges for delivering fully integrated XDR capabilities. Scalyr’s big data technology is perfect for the use cases of XDR, ingesting terabytes of data across multiple systems and correlating it at machine speed so security professionals have actionable intelligence to autonomously detect, respond, and mitigate threats,” said Tomer Weingarten, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SentinelOne. “This is a dramatic leap forward for our industry – while other next-gen products are entirely reliant on SIEM integrations or OEMs for point in time data correlation and response, SentinelOne uniquely provides customers with proactive operational insights from a security-first perspective. The combination of Scalyr’s data analytics with our industry leading AI capabilities ushers in a new era of machine-speed prevention, detection, and response to attacks across the enterprise.”

Cloud-Scale Data Analytics

Photo Tomer Weingarten, co-founder and CEO of SentinelOne
“The combination of Scalyr’s data analytics with our industry leading AI capabilities ushers in a new era of machine-speed prevention, detection, and response to attacks across the enterprise,” said Tomer Weingarten, co-founder and CEO of SentinelOne.

Founded by the creator of Google Docs, Steve Newman, Scalyr created one of the industry’s first cloud-native, cloud-scale data analytics platforms for log management and observability. Scalyr ingests and stores petabytes of structured and unstructured machine data and is optimized for high-cardinality, high-dimensionality data: searching and storing data at low-costs and high speeds. Scalyr is used by leading brands including NBC Universal, CareerBuilder, TomTom, Lacework, Zalando, Tokopedia, and Asana – to manage their large-scale data operations.

“We built Scalyr to solve critical data challenges for a cloud-first world,” said Steve Newman, co-founder and Chairman of Scalyr. “I’m excited for the Scalyr team to become part of SentinelOne and solve one of the world’s most pressing big data problems – cybersecurity.”

“The security and data analytics industries are uniquely related, and this acquisition provides SentinelOne the opportunity to set the agenda as the XDR category leader,” said Christine Heckart, CEO of Scalyr. “Scalyr’s current customers will benefit from expanded investment, and SentinelOne’s customers will enjoy Scalyr’s big data capabilities within the Singularity platform.”

The acquisition is expected to close during SentinelOne’s first quarter, subject to customary closing conditions. SentinelOne’s data services team will continue offering log management, observability, and event data cloud solutions in conjunction with integrating Scalyr.


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