Cybersecurity Firm DefenseStorm Expands Platform to Secure AWS Cloud, Office 365 and OpenDNS

Security data platform provider, DefenseStorm, has announced that in addition to offering traditional network security, it now provides financial institutions with security monitoring and alerts for AWS Cloud, Office 365, and OpenDNS.

With a patent-pending technology suite, financial institutions can use the DefenseStorm platform to aggregate on-premise, colocated data center, and cloud logs into a single system for comprehensive cybersecurity management.

aws cloud“Financial institutions are increasingly relying on cloud business productivity applications and services such as AWS and Office 365,” said DefenseStorm’s Chief Product Officer, Edgardo Nazario. ”While adoption of these productivity applications is accelerating, unfortunately so is the risk factor tied to them. Many cloud users are not aware that their providers have a shared responsibility model for cloud security. Continuous monitoring of your cloud infrastructure for security events is crucial – which is why we are pleased to now offer financial organizations a new level of security.”

AWS Cloud

DefenseStorm Cloud watches and alerts on critical parts of AWS cloud, like API access, configuration, applications and access management.

AWS CloudTrail events are complicated. To know what one should look for requires a complete and comprehensive list of events to monitor. The DefenseStorm platform ships with a standard Trigger Library that protects their customers; which includes the required and correct alerts right out of the box.

Office 365

microsoft office 365With this new feature, customers can write alerts that warn a security analyst about Office 365 security events. Analysts will also be able to correlate Office 365 events with other events in their network – or other cloud services.

Customers can leverage all of DefenseStorm’s existing technologies; such as PatternScout, ThreatMatch and Alert Inbox, to detect and (when needed) remediate Indicators of Compromise (IOC’s) that stem from events received via Office 365.


This feature allows DefenseStorm to correlate OpenDNS logs to the rest of an organization’s network events; giving insight into what DefenseStorm customers’ users are doing both when they are inside and outside of the corporate network.

cloud-security-opendns“Our mission is to aggregate event data across all cybersecurity tools and business productivity applications for banks and credit unions, which can then be linked to controls and processes that allow security analysts to meet their intended security posture,” added Mr. Nazario. “It also allows executives to prove to their CEO, board and regulators that they are secure and compliant with evolving FFIEC cybersecurity requirements – all without having to pay extra to do so.”