Cypherpath Launches Infrastructure-as-a-File (IaaF) Solution for Enterprise Organizations

Cypherpath, an on-demand containerized infrastructure solutions, has announced that its Cypherpath Infrastructure Container System is now available for enterprise-level infrastructure deployments.

The Cypherpath Infrastructure Container System would be one of the industry’s first Infrastructure as a File (IaaF) solutions to provide customers with the power to model, build, deploy, run and manage data center infrastructure as easily as sharing a file.

cypherpath“Reconfiguring an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure to run more efficiently, securely and at an acceptable cost is nothing less than overwhelming,” said Danial Faizullabhoy, president and CEO, Cypherpath. “The Cypherpath Infrastructure Container System for the enterprise helps organizations, regardless of size, need or existing legacy solutions, to build and deploy highly secure private or public cloud scenarios on bare metal in a manner of minutes. We’ve created a platform that makes infrastructure as portable and simple as a data file.”

The Cypherpath software-defined approach to data centers would boost productivity and bring resiliency to the enterprise while providing a future-proof solution that supports modern apps and services. Deploying Cypherpath infrastructure containers is achieved with a scalable drag and drop interface and puts the infrastructure completely under software control