Danica Patrick to Feature One of Two New Super Bowl Commercials GoDaddy

web-hosting-godaddy-danica-patrickSince taking over as CEO in January, Blake Irving has reshaped GoDaddy into a web hosting company aimed at helping small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage the power of the Internet. What remains is the GoDaddy’s sexiness edge, although GoDaddy itself denies that it will bring sexy ads this time. Coming February, Danica Patrick again will feature one of two GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials.

Of course, Danica Patrick is also associated with racing hence speed, catering to the high speed IP connectivity needs and cutting-edge technology requirements of the small business owners that GoDaddy aims to target. But her sexiness is what pops-up in mind first and maybe that’s a brand value that GoDaddy must continue to nurture, especially when they want their web hosting products to appeal to companies within construction and car repair business too.

4 million dollar ad

“GoDaddy is for the go getter, the ‘little guy’ looking to compete with the ‘big guys’ and I love that,” Danica Patrick said.

For a 10th year in a row, GoDaddy is in the Super Bowl commercial line-up. The web hosting company has purchased two 30-second spots, one in each half of the game to be broadcast on FOX February 2. At least one of the two spots will feature Danica Patrick, who has already been in more Super Bowl commercials than any other celebrity. We don’t know how ‘not’ sexy the commercial with Danica Patrick will be, creative details and storylines are not yet being revealed.

With $4 million dollar for a 30 seconds ad,  Super Bowl commercials aren’t cheap, but GoDaddy still thinks it’s worth the money. “The Super Bowl ad strategy allows us to have fun and be edgy, and demonstrate how we help the little guy kick ass,” Irving said. “2014 marks a new era for GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials.”

As a woman thriving in a male-dominated sport, Danica Patrick has been a GoDaddy spokesperson for nearly seven years, well before making history as a race car driver in both IndyCar and NASCAR. “I love what’s going on at GoDaddy” Danica said. “Since our last Super Bowl, I’ve been to the new Silicon Valley office and talked with customers who are genuinely grateful for how GoDaddy helps them grow their businesses online. GoDaddy is for the go getter, the ‘little guy’ looking to compete with the ‘big guys’ and I love that.”

As part of the new strategy aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs, GoDaddy recently acquired Los Angeles-based Media Temple, a company positioned a bit higher in the web hosting market.