Daniel Kurgan Appointed CEO of Arelion by Board of Directors

Arelion booth

Daniel Kurgan has been named Arelion’s President and CEO by the Board of Directors. After leading Arelion for seven years, Staffan Göjeryd is leaving the company. Having held various prominent roles in the sector for over 25 years, including CEO of BICS for 14 years, Chairman of TeleSign, Chairman of Intercloud, and Senior Advisor at Drake Star, Daniel Kurgan has been a Board Executive of Arelion since January 2022.

After the spin-off from Telia, Arelion begins a new chapter as an independent business, and the board believes that fresh leadership will be beneficial to the company’s long-term growth. “Therefore, we are happy to announce Daniel Kurgan as Arelion’s CEO,” said Arelion’s Board Chairman Eva Elmstedt. “Daniel has shown success in leadership roles within the sector, and he has the necessary expertise and abilities to guide Arelion on this new path. He has also had two years of experience on the Board and is well-versed in the business and its culture.”

“It is a privilege to be named CEO of Arelion. Our goal as the world’s most connected IP backbone provider is to support and develop with our customers. I’m thrilled to further that objective in an operational capacity,” said Daniel Kurgan. “Having been a part of Arelion’s revolutionary path, I am aware of the company’s enormous potential, which we now have the ability to achieve as an independent entity. In addition to collaborating closely with the Board on the execution of our growth goal, I’m excited to work with all of our great employees to maintain global connectivity.”

Staffan Göjeryd

Daniel Kurgan the newly appointed CEO at Arelion
“Our goal as the world’s most connected IP backbone provider is to support and develop with our customers,” said Daniel Kurgan the newly appointed CEO at Arelion.

Daniel Kurgan assumes the position as CEO of Arelion with immediate effect and leaves the Board, of which he has been a member since January 2022. Since August 2016, Staffan Göjeryd has led Arelion (formerly Telia Carrier), but he is stepping down now.

“The Board would like to take the opportunity to thank Staffan Göjeryd for his great contributions and long commitment to the company,” added Eva Elmstedt. “Staffan has been the backbone of Arelion for many years and he laid the foundation for what we will now continue to build on. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Arelion, previously known as Telia Carrier, is a prominent global telecommunications company renowned for its extensive fiber backbone and connectivity solutions. Its vast network connects Europe, North America, and Asia across 75,000+ kilometers of network infrastructure. With this broad reach, Arelion can establish direct links with over 2,500 wholesale clients in over 125 countries, demonstrating the company’s substantial worldwide presence.

Stretching thousands of kilometers, Arelion‘s fiber optic cables constitute one of the world’s most extensive and sophisticated backbones. This network lays the groundwork for a diverse range of services provided by Arelion, encompassing Internet backbone services, Ethernet, IP transit, and a variety of solutions for cloud connectivity.