DartPoints Unveils Bare Metal Cloud Server Solution

DartPoints colocation data center

The newest addition to DartPoints’ portfolio of cloud solutions is bare metal cloud servers. DartPoints is a provider of colocation, cloud infrastructure, and security solutions for mid-size markets with data centers available across the United States. With the help of dedicated servers from DartPoints’ new bare metal package, clients can fully control their IT infrastructure and achieve cloud-like agility using highly secured physical server infrastructure.

According to Dartpoints, the service is intended for businesses that require the highest standards of security, performance, and customization.

“We’re very excited to offer the type of business value that bare metal can bring to our clients,” said Brad Alexander, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at DartPoints. “We strive to solve whatever challenges may exist at the edge, and we see a need for certain workloads to gain the heightened application speed and control that single tenancy servers can offer. When workloads or applications require extreme security, lightning-fast performance, and predictable overhead, bare metal cloud servers are your best option.”

In response to an increase in demand for edge data center services with a completely customized environment, DartPoints has now entered the bare metal cloud market. According to some analysts, the use of bare metal will increase by over 20 percent in the upcoming year and by more than 125 percent by 2027 as a result of the ongoing expansion of data and the emergence of hyperconverged technologies.

Security and Cost of Bare Metal

Brad Alexander, CTO at DartPoints
“We see a need for certain workloads to gain the heightened application speed and control that single tenancy servers can offer,” said Brad Alexander, CTO at DartPoints.

On a single platform, DartPoints’ bare metal clients may create, test, deploy, and maintain their own workloads. Without a specialized computing environment, it might be difficult to fine-tune elements like compute or storage settings in response to organizational demands, stated DartPoints. A bare metal solution would give total control, more processing power, and enhanced performance. For many use scenarios, such as high computational power workloads, large data analytics, and hosting applications with ongoing rendering needs, bare metal cloud servers would be good match.

Overall security is greatly simplified by the servers’ single tenancy and physical isolation, according to DartPoints. For those with particularly strict policy or compliance needs, like financial, legal, or governmental enterprises, bare metal may become appealing.

Financial considerations are another major reason that bare metal might make sense for some users, according to DartPoints.

“With our bare metal services, clients can rent server capacity in an ongoing operating expense (OpEx) pricing model,” added Mr. Alexander. “Instead of dealing with heavy capital expenditures, you can gain all the performance and control you need with a steady, predictable overhead to boot.”