Data Analytics Company, evolve24, Adopts IBM Cloud to Advance Global Insights Platform

Data analytics and consumer insights provider, evolve24, is adopting IBM Cloud to host its neuroscience omni-channel data analytics platform for improved performance and scalability. By untethering the platform from the constraints and limitations of the company’s existing brick-and-mortar data center, the new cloud solution will also support evolve24’s growing global customer base.

evolve24 harnesses millions of consumer insights daily to help clients make data-driven business decisions. Its data analytics are used to help clients better understand their audiences and what motivates them to take action – which reveals opportunities, as well as risks, for marketing initiatives and campaigns. Business strategy professionals use these insights to stay on top of consumer trends, measure brand performance, navigate business risks, and more.

“We serve more than 350 brands around the globe so being able to provide reliable, real-time insights to our clients is imperative,” said Anthony Sardella, CEO of evolve24. “IBM Cloud has the global footprint, quality and scalability we need and that our customers demand.”

ibm cloudThrough its partnership with IBM and the move to IBM Cloud, evolve24 plans to improve its competitive advantage, enhance client experiences, expedite new feature delivery and provide new channels to market.

For example, evolve24 and IBM have partnered to build a mobile application around evolve24’s analytics. This would put real-time insights at marketers’ fingertips whenever and wherever needed. The IBM Bluemix Team and evolve24, along with communications officials from several of its top global clients, will convene at the IBM Bluemix Garage in San Francisco later this year to define application usage and work side-by-side to rapidly design, build and deploy the application at a global scale.

“evolve24 is a great example of a company that has grown with the cloud and understands the impact that cloud flexibility and scalability can have on innovation,” said Rachel Reinitz, CTO of IBM Bluemix Garage. “IBM Cloud is playing a role in their transformation, as well as that of their clients.'”