Data Analytics Company Webtrends Chooses Hortonworks to Power Its Connected Data Architecture

Webtrends, a provider of data analytics and optimization solutions, has selected Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) as the foundation of its connected data architecture, both in the data center and in the cloud.

In business more than 20 years, Webtrends recognized the changing data landscape, which has expanded from server and systems logs to mobile devices, wearable technologies, connected automobiles, and more while the volume of data generated has scaled dramatically. Webtrends identified the value in capturing this burgeoning market fueled by data, but was wary of the cost of building an entirely new IT infrastructure.

hadoop cloud hosting hortonworks“Webtrends is a fantastic example of the pattern we are seeing across our customer base, as more businesses look to move to a connected data architecture in the data center and in the cloud,” said Matt Morgan, senior vice president of marketing, Hortonworks. “By combining data-at-rest with data-in-motion, Webtrends has a unique ability to give its customers a complete view of their target markets and ultimately drive digital marketing success.”

Now, the connected data platforms that Webtrends has developed ingest one petabyte of Internet of Things data every six months that streams in from diverse sources like cell phones, watches, and automobiles. Webtrends relies on both HDP and HDF to capture and derive analytical insights from myriad sources. It can then quickly turn that data into actionable intelligence, which would generate tremendous value for its customers.

“Webtrends has saved money over the long haul because we’ve been able to leverage commodity hardware for a Hadoop ecosystem,” said Peter Crossley, chief technology officer (CTO) of Webtrends. “That’s millions of dollars saved,” “HDP with HDF gave us the flexibility to build new products without having to build an ecosystem or even provide a new data format to manage that data set. We can add new technologies and it works seamlessly with that ecosystem.”

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