Data Center and Cloud Security Company, vArmour, Announces Its New Distributed Platform

vArmour, a data center and cloud security company located in Mountain View, California, has announced the launch of an enhanced distributed platform that provides a policy-driven segmentation approach for protecting workloads across physical, virtual and cloud environments with unparalleled performance.

The company has enhanced the vArmour Distributed Security System (DSS), which is already used by companies worldwide to protect data center and cloud workloads – to provide unified policy enforcement across all enterprise IT deployments with cloud-scale architecture.

“vArmour is leading an industry trend by abstracting security functions from hardware, removing inhibitions of the hardware or constraints of a specific deployment model to achieve superior throughput of 40 Gbps going up to 100 Gbps Top of Rack by the end of 2017, all in software, on standard x86 compute,” said Tim Eades, CEO of vArmour. “We are disrupting the legacy firewall vendors with our ability to extend our security fabric across the entire data center of heterogeneous environments, including physical compute, which will render custom hardware redundant within internal networks.”

varmour cloud securityvArmour DSS would aid compliance, prevent data exfiltration and mitigate security threats by wrapping protection around every workload, thereby increasing visibility, controls and operational efficiency. The security policy is enforced on the workload and consistently across virtual machines, containers and physical machines, all through a single interface. The vArmour system understands 2500+ applications, including SCADA industrial controls and can provide unmatched granular enforcement, which utilizes machine learning to understand traffic patterns and application requirements.

“CISOs are demanding a way to apply consistent policies across all their systems and applications, regardless of the underlying deployment infrastructure,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “vArmour has developed an innovative approach to data center security, formerly a specialty hardware domain, with its software-based distributed platform across heterogeneous deployment environments. Cloudification is driving a transition away from physical product deployments in favor of distributed software solutions, leading to an era of data center security disruption.”

vArmour DSS is especially compelling for companies in highly regulated industries, where industry or government regulations (HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, GDPR, etc.) dictate close control over enterprise assets. vArmour DSS has been affirmed by Coalfire, a Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessor (PCI QSA), that it meets PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) version 3.2 requirements. Companies would adopt the solution to implement geo-specific, business-unit or value-based workload segmentation and apply specific security policies to each. Other entities would benefit from the solution’s granular application control and ability to segment an enterprise DMZ.