Data Center Company maincubes Joins Dutch Hosting Provider Association

maincubes data center Amsterdam AMS01
maincubes did a 10 million euro investment in Amsterdam AMS01 to have the acquired data center being transformed into a fully modernized facility meeting the ‘German-engineered’ maincubes standards. The use of Free Cooling results in an energy efficient PUE value of 1.37. An example of German solidness in Amsterdam can also be found in the design of maincubes’ generator infrastructure, which has an N+1+1 setup.

Maincubes, a European data center owner/operator providing German-engineered colocation data center infrastructure for its global clientele, part of German construction conglomerate Zech Group, will be part of Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA) as of January 1, 2019. DHPA is the branch organization representing leading cloud and hosting service providers in the Netherlands.

Through this partnership, both parties aim to deepen the symbiosis between the data center housing specialism and cloud service providers. According to DHPA, maincubes in this respect is a notable company in the data center and colocation landscape that focuses solely on this activity and has no other services in its portfolio that intersects with the activities of cloud service providers (CSPs).

Ruud Alaerds, director of DHPA, sees maincubes as a new type of organization that joins DHPA as a partner. “As a local and regional party, maincubes is active in Europe only. It has multiple locations in a number of countries in Europe and it is a pure data center player. The platforms maintained by our participants are by definition run at different locations, that’s why – with a view to safety, reliability, and risk reduction – close contact with a supplier like maincubes is important. Our partners usually like to discuss their options with our participants. maincubes will be no exception of course.”

maincubes owns/operates two colocation data centers in Europe including its data center in Frankfurt as well as a new data center in Amsterdam Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands, that was opened three months ago. This week, a little more than a year after starting its data center operations in Frankfurt, maincubes has announced that its whitespace in FRA01 is now for 80 percent filled already.

Private Data Center Suites, Secure Exchange

In contrast to the Frankfurt facility, maincubes Amsterdam AMS01 has quite some whitespace available left. With a mixed retail and wholesale approach, this maincubes facility in Amsterdam currently offers an 11,840 sq. ft. (1,100 sq. meters) private data center suite with a capacity of 1.7MW, while another private suite being offered counts 9,687 sq. ft. (900 sq. meters) and is able to support 1.3MW.

“In our strategy we consciously aim for a very transparent and clear focus in which cooperation is central,” said Joris te Lintelo, director at maincubes B.V. “The joint development of digital ecosystems with our partners and customers is a very important part of our strategy, in addition to offering colocation. Based on our secure exchange platform, secure ecosystems are created via multidimensional connections of customer and provider services.”

“Each participant joining our secure platform will find extensive services that can be integrated into their own offerings while further complementing the platform, added Joris te Lintelo. “The ecosystem is growing due to the variety of offers and the ease of integrating services that are accessible with only one Cross Connect. DHPA participants are important partners for us in the further development of our strategy and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

The maincubes facility in Amsterdam currently has two private data center suites available, with a capacity of 1.7MW (11,840 sq. ft.) and 1.3MW (9,687 sq. ft.) respectively. Take a look inside, watch the VIDEO: