Colocation data center provider Cologix, a company with data centers located in Ashburn, Columbus, Jacksonville, Lakeland, Minneapolis, Montreal, New Jersey, Toronto and Vancouver, has announced the launch of their new Software-Defined Networking (SDN) connectivity platform, Cologix Access Marketplace.

The software-defined connectivity platform is designed to directly connect customers to the cloud – in real time. Beginning with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Cologix will offer a new virtual cloud on-ramp solution, allowing private, secured, and “cost-effective” connectivity to these Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Within existing Cologix owned interconnection hubs, customers can now customize secured connectivity to one or multiple clouds “in minutes” from an automated self-serve portal.

Cloud On-Ramp Solutions

This new service would enhance Cologix’s current cloud on-ramp solution offerings, providing greater reach and control to enterprises. By combining the new automated connectivity solution with Cologix’s interconnection hubs, including hundreds of Network Service Providers, CSPs, and additional Internet Exchange (IX) options, Cologix Access Marketplace would allow customers to utilize a self-serve portal to “quickly and efficiently” meet the connectivity, security, and growth needs of their business.

Bill Fathers
“With Cologix Access Marketplace, CSPs not only increase their reach, they also can deliver more consistent end-user experiences with secure, private connections,” said Bill Fathers, Chairman and CEO of Cologix.

“Cologix Access Marketplace supports our core vision, helping customers build and scale their businesses dynamically with on-demand, direct cloud access,” said Bill Fathers, Chairman and CEO of Cologix. “We are simplifying interconnection processes and improving our product offering with a self-serve, SDN tool for enterprises to respond to their changing business needs with real-time provisioning, easily scaling up and down as needed.

We are putting our enterprise customers in the driver’s seat, helping them to lower costs, adapt quickly and improve efficiencies.

With Cologix Access Marketplace, CSPs not only increase their reach, they also can deliver more consistent end-user experiences with secure, private connections.”

Intelligent Automation Software

To allow enterprise customers a seamless connection to multiple clouds, Ciena‘s Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration helps Cologix orchestrate and automate their new cloud service offerings to ultimately deliver a “seamless and consistent” end user experience. As a division of Ciena (NYSE: CIEN), Blue Planet is a global provider of intelligent automation software. By leveraging Blue Planet, Cologix would help enterprise customers increase their service agility and business velocity by eliminating their reliance on manual cloud connect processes.

“At Blue Planet, we deliver automation across multi-domain, multi-layer and multi-vendor networks, which improves operational efficiency and simplifies the way customers provision services,” said Rick Hamilton, Senior Vice President, Blue Planet, a division of Ciena. “With Blue Planet’s Multi-Domain Service Orchestration, Cologix can help enterprises to build adaptive networks that keep pace with their business needs and take advantage of today’s multi-cloud world.”

Cologix will roll out connectivity to other major cloud providers with Cologix Access Marketplace soon.