Data Center Hardware Maintenance Company Park Place Technologies Acquires Axentel Technologies

"Our objective is to be the premier and largest TPM in Asia. Combining Park Place's existing APAC infrastructure with Axentel's coverage in 28 countries worldwide reinforces that objective," said Chris Adams, President and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies, a global provider of data center hardware maintenance, has acquired another company. It has now completed the acquisition of Axentel Technologies’ businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Axentel Technologies is a provider of IT hardware maintenance lifecycle solutions across 28 countries worldwide.

Park Place Technologies has also signed an agreement to complete the acquisition of the Axentel Technologies Thailand business in the second quarter of 2018. Axentel Technologies is a Singapore-based, premier provider of IT lifecycle solutions with service offerings throughout Southeast Asia. With a desire to continue its growth momentum, the acquisition of Axentel Technologies follows Park Place Technologies’ six acquisitions announced over the past 18 months.

The Axentel Technologies acquisition would allow Park Place Technologies to significantly enhance its ability to service customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines and throughout Southeast Asia.

Company Integration

“Axentel Technologies is a proven leader with a strong expertise in legacy systems, a wealth of capitalized knowledge, and proven processes in IT maintenance and sourcing,” said Ed Kenty, Chairman and CEO of Park Place Technologies. “The company’s strong growth trajectory and unwavering commitment to reliability and quality align seamlessly with Park Place Technologies’ vision for our company.”

As the companies integrate operations, Park Place Technologies’ and Axentel Technologies’ global customer bases would immediately benefit from “superior levels of service delivery, enhanced flexibility and value-driven maintenance solutions.”

“Our objective is to be the premier and largest TPM in Asia. Combining Park Place’s existing APAC infrastructure with Axentel’s coverage in 28 countries worldwide reinforces that objective,” said Chris Adams, President and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Park Place Technologies. “The company’s winning sales team, impressive array of customers and strong leadership team make them an ideal business partner. We are incredibly excited to join forces with Axentel Technologies to support our global customers with multi-platform, multi-generation network, server and storage equipment.”

Specializing in legacy enterprise system support, Axentel Technologies has enabled its customers to extend the operational lifespan of IT assets and significantly optimize capital expenditures when there is an operational need to upgrade. Axentel Technologies has 28 service locations worldwide and has positioned itself “at the forefront of the maintenance industry, enabling customers to save and reinvest capital reserved for IT back into their core business operations.”

30,000 Data Centers

“Our customers, along with Park Place Technologies’ customers, will reap the benefits of cost savings, time efficiency, convenience and reliability, all of which are paramount to our long-standing commitment in serving customers worldwide,” said Jerry Yiu, former CEO, Axentel Technologies. “We look forward to joining Park Place Technologies as we continue to accelerate the growth of our business and provide new opportunities for our employees and customers.”

In November 2016, Park Place Technologies expanded its global footprint in Asia by opening an Asia-Pacific headquarters location in Singapore and a second location in Malaysia. This coupled with the acquisition of Axentel Technologies would enable Park Place Technologies to continue to grow its existing data center services support offerings to customers throughout Asia.

With more than 11,000 customers, including all tier-one OEMs, Park Place Technologies‘ services are now spread across 30,000 data centers in more than 100 countries.

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