Data Center Services Master Agency, COLOTRAQ, Releases Cybersecurity RFP Tool

COLOTRAQ, a global sourcing advisory firm and master agency for data center infrastructure (DCI) services, has released a Cybersecurity RFP Tool in its latest release of its cloud-based software for the sourcing of data center infrastructure services, DCITRAQ.

The custom developed proprietary tool would enable the company’s indirect channel partners and clients to build a comprehensive Cybersecurity RFP across a multitude of disciplines including Cloud Security, Fraud Protection, Software Defined Perimeter, Application Security, IoT Security, Ransom Prevention, Incident Response & Remediation, Data Security/Encryption/Loss Prevention, Forensics, Litigation Support, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing among several others.

Users of the Cybersecurity RFP Tool can dynamically research, compare and source these and many other cybersecurity services from various vendors directly through the DCITRAQ software platform.

Since this new feature is fully integrated into the company’s DCITRAQ platform, users will also be able to build comprehensive RFPs/RFQs for data center and IT infrastructure solutions such as colocation, cloud services and related network services through COLOTRAQ’s network of over 400 service providers in over 1,300 cities across 140 countries and territories. This includes over 200 enterprise cloud providers and access to more than 3,000 colocation / managed hosting facilities around the globe.

“This capability is truly an industry first with its highly innovative design and scope,” said Dany Bouchedid, Founder & CEO of COLOTRAQ. “It will undoubtedly change the way companies source enterprise-wide Cybersecurity Services.”

Complex Algorithm

DCITRAQ incorporates a complex algorithm that matches a client’s project requirements to the offerings and capabilities that vendors have specified in the system. A user will then be able to launch a comparison chart that will highlight the matching vendors’ capabilities and offerings to further streamline and simplify the sourcing process.

As an additional feature of educating and empowering COLOTRAQ’s channel partners and clients on the various service offerings of its vendors, the software has a fully integrated knowledge base that will allow users to view all sorts of content such as sales and marketing collateral, white papers, events, promotions among other content that vendors upload into the system.

Additionally, DCITRAQ enables communication on deals to happen directly with vendors through the system “allowing for better management of a client’s project throughout its lifecycle.” COLOTRAQ will continue to provide dedicated, full-service, hands-on client consultation, and management of the projects as well as all the associated back-office support to ensure clients and agents receive an excellent user experience. The software is backed by COLOTRAQ’s 18 years of experience specializing in sourcing data center infrastructure and cybersecurity services for companies and institutions of all sizes. DCITRAQ is a completely license-free software for its clients and channel partners to use.