Data Center Services Provider, Netrepid, Deploys Zadara On-Premise-as-a-Service VPSA Storage

Netrepid, a provider of colocation, infrastructure and application hosting services, has deployed the Zadara VPSA storage array architecture to support their internal core applications and external facing customer storage requirements. The On-Premise-as-a-Service (OPaaS) solution would enable Netrepid to leverage the economic and scalability benefits of the cloud, while keeping their data on-site within their data center. 

After a thorough evaluation of market options, Netrepid decided to replace their CAPEX-based storage arrays with the Zadara Storage VPSA On-Premise-as-a-Service offering.

“Our agility and client responsiveness has improved dramatically,” said Chris Jones, infrastructure architect, Netrepid. “We can spin-up storage nodes in minutes rather than waiting a week.”

zadara storageAdditionally, each of Netrepid’s clients now has isolated storage resources. This would not only provide predictable performance by eliminating the ‘noisy neighbor’ problem, but also enhance security and privacy. By replacing the older CAPEX-based equipment with Zadara Storage, Netrepid claims to have reduced their hardware footprint by 81%, introducing significant power and cooling savings. From a performance standpoint, Mr. Jones described the results as, “Simply amazing! Overall, we are seeing 80% better performance with the Zadara Storage VPSA solution than with our prior solution.”

Zadara Storage is available via OPaaS (On-Premise-as-a-Service) and through a variety of partners including Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud), Microsoft Azure and others.

“More and more customers are addressing their scalability and cost challenges by replacing CAPEX solutions with OPEX, as-a-service solutions,” said Bob Sarubbi, vice president, Americas sales and strategic alliances, Zadara Storage. “Netrepid is a perfect example of a customer who began by addressing their CapEx agility and cost issues, but quickly realized additional side benefits, such as reduced footprint and dramatically better performance.”

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