Imperva has announced the introduction of a database-agnostic platform to help solve cloud data security issues by providing native support from a single dashboard for any type of database.

Imperva is known as a cybersecurity leader and has been on a mission to help protect data since the company was founded. The new data-centric security platform offers a new way to deal with cybersecurity by unifying the database environments and simplifying the security for organizations.

Support for All Databases & Integration with Many Cloud Providers

This new platform offers the ability to support all databases. It doesn’t matter where the database is hosted and the platform even offers DBaaS or database as a service and IaaS or infrastructure as a service. It can support multi and hybrid cloud environments. With this new introduction, Imperva may give companies the ability to embrace cloud hosting, while remaining secure at the same time.

Imperva’s Data-Centric Security Platform can be integrated with:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • MongoDB
  • Google Cloud
  • Atlas and Snowflake
  • And Many Others

Cloud Agility Has Been Hurt by Security Issues

While the cloud has become a huge part of IT and has provides companies with an opportunity to adapt, it has come with several challenges. Security concerns and regulatory compliance have always been major issues when it comes to cloud transformation.

The complex multi-cloud environments cause security concerns for many companies. Imperva has aimed this new data security platform at these issues hoping to provide companies with an all-in-one data security option.

The Imperva Research Labs has found that data breaches within open public cloud services are becoming worse as companies move their workloads and operations to the cloud. With data leakages attacks becoming far more prevalent over the past year, it’s necessary for companies to find better ways to secure data instead of just securing servers, the network, and applications.

While other solutions have been tested, many came with limitations, stated Imperva. Many organizations have counted on a patchwork of tools to help maintain security with their data. However, this strategy may come with issues, such as a higher possibility of human error. Several users believe they have to choose between moving quickly into the cloud or moving security into the cloud, says Imperva. They would not believe they can have both.

Moving Quickly & Securely into the Cloud

The new solution provided by Imperva may result in the ability to move both quickly and securely into the cloud. With an emphasis on data security, Imperva is trying to solve this issue for CIOs and InfoSec leaders.

About Imperva’s Data Security Platform

  • Built to enable organizations to create cloud workloads much faster and more secure
  • Supports more than 65 databases including many of the most popular
  • New databases can easily be deployed in about one month
  • Centrally defined compliance, security, and privacy policies help to reduce the time necessary to secure the database environment

As a leader in cybersecurity, Imperva is aiming this new solution at the security of data. It may offer several benefits for security teams and companies using cloud hosting in today’s fast-paced environment.

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