Data Freedom in a Complex World (Cloud Next ’18)

Data is been more distributed than ever in modern enterprise landscapes. It is getting more complex and more heterogeneous. It is stored in different places; its volume is growing by the day and customers need to orchestrate and integrate data lakes and data streams with enterprise systems to drive business value. To tackle those challenges and allow enterprise-grade analytics, a seamless interplay of powerful cloud platforms and infrastructure with sophisticated software in enterprise-scale environments is inevitable. Customers are increasingly turning towards containerized applications and Kubernetes as the orchestrator of choice, to handle the requirements to efficiently process large volumes of data. A major challenge has been the variety of landscape choices on-premise as well as in the cloud, where many offerings did not reach the level of enterprise-readiness. Providing elastically scalable Kubernetes clusters as well as data management solutions for orchestrating complex data landscapes including multi-cloud and hybrid cloud scenarios is key for enterprise customers involved in big data analytics. In this talk you will learn about how Google and SAP address this growing need with running SAP’s novel data orchestration and refinery—SAP Data Hub—on top of Google’s Kubernetes Engine greatly leveraging the advanced service offerings available in the Google Cloud Platform.

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Duration: 47:30
Publisher: Google Cloud
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